December 3, 2016

Mary J. Blige wears a leather jacket & overknee boots

while performing onstage during her King and Queen of Hearts world tour at American Airlines Arena in Miami - November 29, 2016
14 pics

95997875_mary_j_blige.jpg 95997877_mary_j_blige_02.jpg 95997878_mary_j_blige_03.jpg 95997879_mary_j_blige_04.jpg 95997881_mary_j_blige_05.jpg 95997882_mary_j_blige_06.jpg 95997884_mary_j_blige_07.jpg 95997885_mary_j_blige_08.jpg 95997887_mary_j_blige_09.jpg 95997888_mary_j_blige_10.jpg 95997889_mary_j_blige_11.jpg 95997890_mary_j_blige_12.jpg 95997912_mary_j_blige_13.jpg 95997915_mary_j_blige_14.jpg

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