January 1, 2017

Helena Bonham Carter wears a leather dress

on the set of Ocean's 8 at Park Avenue in New York City - December 2, 2016
8 pics

97781151_cateblanchett_02122016p_07.jpg 97781157_cateblanchett_02122016p_08.jpg 97781160_cateblanchett_02122016p_09.jpg 97781162_cateblanchett_02122016p_10.jpg 97781164_cateblanchett_02122016p_11.jpg 97781165_cateblanchett_02122016p_12.jpg 97781168_cateblanchett_02122016p_13.jpg 97781170_cateblanchett_02122016p_14.jpg

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