May 6, 2017

Kyra Santoro wears leather pants

at NYLON's annual Young Hollywood May issue event with cover Star Rowan Blanchard at Avenue in Los Angeles - May 2, 2017
22 pics

103706438_bella__(1).jpg 103706440_bella__(2).jpg 103706441_bella__(3).jpg 103706442_bella__(4).jpg 103706443_bella__(5).jpg 103706444_bella_(1).jpg 103706445_bella_(2).jpg 103706446_bella_(3).jpg 103706447_bella_(4).jpg 103706448_bella_(5).jpg 103706449_bella_(6).jpg 103706450_bella_(7).jpg 103706451_bella_(8).jpg 103706452_bella_(9).jpg 103706454_bella_(10).jpg 103706455_bella_(11).jpg 103706456_bella_(12).jpg 103706457_bella_(13).jpg 103706458_bella_(14).jpg 103706459_bella_(15).jpg 103706460_bella_(16).jpg 103706461_bella_(17).jpg


  1. Hi. That's Bella Thorne (in the silver mini-skirt) with Kyra Santoro (in the leather pants). It's not Rowan Blanchard.

    1. I know! The event was hosted by Rowan Blachard. By the way: It´s the official decription of the picture.


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