May 3, 2017

Ruth Negga wears a leather dress

at 1Oak Club for a 2017 Met Gala afterparty in New York - May 1, 2017
7 pics
103543419_mcfan_celeblounge.net03_05_20.jpg 103543420_mcfan_celeblounge.net03_05_20.jpg 103543421_mcfan_celeblounge.net03_05_20.jpg 103543422_mcfan_celeblounge.net03_05_20.jpg 103543423_mcfan_celeblounge.net03_05_20.jpg 103543425_mcfan_celeblounge.net03_05_20.jpg 103543426_mcfan_celeblounge.net03_05_20.jpg

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